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Adverse Credit Mortgages

You may have experienced problems in the past and are now looking for a new mortgage.

Life isn't always plain sailing and you may have experienced a lifetime event that has caused you to experience problems servicing your credit commitments.


If you have experienced problems in the past which has resulted in some adverse credit such as missed payments on your mortgage, loans or credit cards.  Or even if you have had a county court judgement or default registered against you, then finding a mortgage is not easy. 


However, lenders recognise that people, from time to time, experience financial difficulty and provided it can be demonstrated the problem is historic and that you have recovered from the event (redundancy, losing a family member or a person of ill health), then you may be able to obtain and mortgage or remortgage.


We may be able to help if you have experienced some of these problems


  • Late or missed payments on your mortgage.

  • Late or missed payments on loans or credit cards.

  • Had a default(s), registered against you for failing to meet your monthly repayments.

  • Been taken to court for debt.

  • Have or have been in a debt management plan

  • Entered into an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)

  • Been declared Bankrupt


Our mortgage experts will firstly sympathetically seek to understand your individual circumstances, what caused the problem and through discussion determine if the problem is ongoing or historic, before sourcing solutions that may be suitable.

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