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Buildings and contents insurance

There are 2 types of general insurance - Buildings Insurance and Home Contents insurance available to insure residential, buy to let and commercial investment property's (or portfolios).


We aim to be able to provide no obligation general insurance quotations for Buildings insurance, Home contents insurance and also combined Buildings and Home insurance policies.


We also offer a reminder service, which sends you an alert weeks before your policy is due for renewal - allowing you to compare quotes and get the right level of cover.


Is your home protected against life’s unwelcome and unexpected events?


As well as ensuring you have life cover in place to protect your mortgage, you should think

about insurance for your home and contents too. Home insurance is a valuable safeguard that protects millions of families each year from devastating events like fire, flood and burglary.


Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance is a product and usually essential if you have a mortgage. Your lender is likely to insist you have cover in place to protect their financial interest in your property.


You’ll need to insure for what’s called the ‘rebuild cost,’ which is the amount of money you would need to completely rebuild your home from scratch should disaster strike. This isn’t the same as its market value and is usually less. That’s because the market value includes factors such as location, local amenities and supply, and demand.


Contents insurance

Home contents insurance covers all the things kept in a home such as TVs, furniture and carpets and personal belongings. You can also include an additional cover such as accidental damage that will insure personal items when they are used away from home such as laptops, jewellery, phones, and cameras.

When thinking about home contents insurance, you need to ask yourself how you would cope if you were to lose everything. Replacing all your possessions would be an expensive exercise, so contents insurance is vital to cover unexpected events like burglary or fire. With the average value of contents in a three-bedroom family home estimated at £55,000*, it’s important to be fully insured at all times.

Most policies offer new for old cover, meaning you will get the full replacement value if they are lost, stolen or damage.







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