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Go Green Mortgages

Go green with a remortgage to fund your Energy efficient home

If you care for the environment and want to reduce some of your energy costs in the long term then you may wish to consider a energy home improvement project to improve the energy efficiency of you property.


To discuss how a remortgage could help with your energy home improvement project, speak to one of our mortgage experts for impartial homeowner loan mortgage advice.


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You may be able to take advantage for the Governments Green deal to part fund any energy home improvement project. A new boiler, solar panels or cavity wall insulation are just a few of the options available*.


*To help meet CO2 targets, the government initiated a range of renewable incentive schemes.


These renewable incentive schemes aim to increase uptake of renewable systems by providing a financial incentive to customers installing a renewable solution. As a result,  UK carbon emissions will reduce. In effect, consumers receive the benefit of switching to a renewable solution and the government benefits as fossil fuel consumption and carbon output drops.


Feed-in Tariff


The Feed-in Tariff provides an incentive to homes and business owners installing solar PV.

Firstly, customers benefitting from solar PV receive payment for each unit of electricity their system generates. This is known as the Generation Tariff. Secondly, the Export Tariff provides payment on excess energy sent to the grid.

Even small solar systems provide annual carbon savings in excess of a tonne.


Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


The Renewable Heat Incentive provides a financial incentive for renewable heating systems. The scheme provides payment on solar thermalheat pumps and biomass installations. Eligible customers receive payment for each unit of renewable heat generated.


Domestic and commercial customers can enter the RHI scheme but the duration of the payment depends on the type of installation.


Homeowners are paid for 7 years and businesses are paid for 20 years.

Heating accounts for more than 50% of energy demand.


As a result, switching to a renewable solution reduces annual carbon emissions by a number of tonnes.

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