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Right to Buy

Discounted purchase price with Right to Buy mortgages

As an existing tenant of a local authority or housing association, you have the right to purchase it under the government's scheme and you may qualify for a large discount, depending on how long you have lived in the property.


You get a 35% discount if you’ve been a local authority or housing association tenant for between 3 and 5 years.  After 5 years, the discount goes up by 1% for every extra year you’ve been a local authority or housing association tenant, up to a maximum of 70% – or £80,900 across England and £108,000 in London boroughs (whichever is lower).


So you could make huge savings when looking to purchase your home.


You are not necessarily limited to the mortgages you could qualify for, however, you should speak to our right to buy mortgage experts.


Simply complete this form opposite or contact The Money Bee, by telephone.  We will be happy to discuss your plans and advise on the most suitable mortgage solution.

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