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Serious Illness Protection

Protection to cover you if diagnosed with a Serious illness or Critical illness

Critical illness cover pays out a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a major illness as specified in the policy, for example, cancer, and heart disease.


Some insurers will make a part payment on an early-stage diagnosis of a condition specified in the policy, the percentage will vary from company to company.

Many people buy a combined life and critical illness policy, and it often makes sense to do so.  In this case, a payment would be made for either diagnosis of a critical illness, or death, whichever is the sooner.  If the cover is combined in this way, the policy premium is usually cheaper than it would be for separate policies, as there is only ever one lump sum paid out by the insurance company.


Serious Illness cover or Critical Illness cover protects the insured against specified illnesses that the insured persons may be diagnosed with, during the term of the policy. 


Statistically, as life expectancy increases we are more likely to be diagnosed with a serious or critical illness during the term of the policy than we are of dying.  More and more customers see this type of Protection as a requirement and are often taken out in conjunction with Decreasing Life Insurance or Level Term Insurance.


It is important to consider whether, in the event of being diagnosed with critical or serious illness, how you and your family would live from month to month and fulfil your financial obligations. 


Having a cash lump sum to be used to pay your monthly commitments or repay some or all of your mortgage should be seriously considered when thinking about taking out life insurance.


Our protection specialists are able to provide you with a no-obligation protection quotation for serious illness or critical illness cover.


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