Something new, that deep down, you already knew!

November 6, 2018

A colleague of mine relayed a story to me a couple of days ago, which struck a chord with me, for my own customers; and it goes like this.



"About 4 months ago some friends of mine asked me about getting a mortgage to purchase a home -  he is a Major in the army and is coming to the end of his career and they wanted to return to the area where their friends are; they found a house and we sorted a mortgage & we had a few typical complications  etc  -  but last Friday the mortgage finally completed and they went about moving to their new home over the weekend.


On at least 4 occasions I had a conversation about sorting protection as he was leaving the forces, and on every occasion the client agreed that they needed to do something but would ‘’sort it later ‘’


I didn’t push it as they were friends and I didn’t want to seem overly aggressive; however, on Monday of this week, 3 days after completion & whilst clearing the garden and having a bonfire, Mr Client got caught on fire (accidentally) and ended up in his local Intensive Care Unit with 3rd degree Burns all over his arm, body and face;


…  luckily he is alive and will live to tell the tale, and he is still in the army so he will be looked after financially, but possibly only for 6 months…we shall see.


Thank God it wasn’t anything worse / fatal etc , but it struck me….just how many clients that we come across leave it until completion etc to deal with this stuff and don’t have the back up of Life/income cover from their employers ??!!


I learnt a big lesson and I was kind of relieved if I’m honest. But I should have known better than to let them keep putting it off...."


So, I think the headline speaks for itself.  We know we should consider suitable